Look at This: AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is an endless text adventure game with impressively open natural language interactions, implemented on a fine-tuned GPT-2.

Cox's Theorem: Establishing Probability Theory

Cox's theorem is the strongest argument for the use of standard probability theory. Here we examine the axioms to establish a firm foundation for the interpretation of probability theory as the unique extension of true-false logic to degrees of belief.

Comments on Eight Abstracts

An unfocused sweep of eight abstracts from a very busy week in AI research: Emergent tool use, why hierarchical learning can work so well, brain-inspired hardware for artificial neural networks, pretraining and transfer learning for RL, chromatic network compression, semi-supervised reward shaping, WGAN model imitation for model-based RL, and navigation in turbulent flows!

Reward tampering

Improving safety and control by preventing all manner of reward tampering by the agent itself.

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